Bloom-ing Gorgeous Fragrance.

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I love me a fragranced body mist, especially in the warmer months. I find them to be so cooling and refreshing to use. I am loving a range from Superdrug called Bloom Collection. I treated myself to a couple while they are on special offer. I have tried all the scents except the Driftwood and Sea salt, which I shall do soon, hopefully. 

My favourite is Mandarin Lime and Basil scent. It’s so fresh with a citrus herby fragrance. Then the Orange Rose and Amber is a lighter more floral citrus fragrance. I think that these are perfect to use in the warmer months and a perfect size to carry in my handbag/beach bag. They don’t dry out my skin like body sprays do, yes they contain alcohol but they also contain Glycerin which sadly means they are not suitable for Vegans. 

I think that there are 5 fragrances in the Bloom range and you can find them HERE.

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Grapefruit and Vetiver Fragrance Candle by Aequill, Artisan Candles for Luxury Everyday…

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I’m bringing you another gorgeous candle for Christmas, and this one is just perfect for burning in my hallway to greet guests with! This candle is the Grapefruit and Vetiver fragranced candle by Aequill London.

Using paraffin wax for the best throw for the fragrance, it’s a single cotton, paper wick and hand poured into 100% recycled mouth blown glass jars. Even before lighting, the fragrance is so strong. It was on my coffee table for a few days and it really did permeate our sitting room, it’s a gorgeous and very luxurious fragranced candle, that also looks incredibly stylish in any setting. Coming in two sizes, 100g gives up to 16 hours burning time and 200g is up to 40 hours burning time! One thing that I love about this brand is that you can buy refill candles for your jars, fabulous! And for all this glorious luxury, you don’t have to part with a lot of money.

There are five beautiful fragrances to choose from, and I want to try them all! You can see which fragrance is for you HERE.

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{Gifted} Ancienne Ambiance Scented Candle….

Hello again lovelies, yet another non beauty post (sort of)…

Scented candles are HUGE now, we burn them every day of the year don’t we? There is a scented candle with a fragrance to suit all occasions, all moods. I have been so lucky to be sent a gorgeously  luxurious candle, the fragrance is new for Autumn/Winter, this is Ancienne Ambiance Scented Candle in the fragrance “Bacca

This is a huge 200g in the most beautiful straight glass jar, giving 60-65 hours burning time. I just love the black label with gold edge, giving it the luxurious look.  Each candle is hand poured here in the UK, and it’s a slow burning natural wax with a lead free wick. I chose fragrance “Bacca” an incredibly fruity blend of juicy berries which include redcurrants and blackberries! The name Bacca is actually Latin for “small round fruit” I’ve decided that this candle is going to be part of my table centerpiece this Christmas, it’s going to look rather lovely I do believe.

When you buy an Ancienne Ambiance luxury scented candle as a gift you can choose a gift wrap option, there’s a gift bag which is free or gift wrap for which you pay £1.00 plus add a message too! And there is Complimentary Worldwide Delivery All Year! You could always pop into the gorgeous Ancienne Ambiance boutique in Chelsea Green, London details on how to get there are HERE. OR visit the website HERE.

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*This candle was gifted to me for review*

Totally Tropical Body Mists from Superdrug….Staying with Summer in Autumn!

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As much as I love the cooler months of the year (Spring is actually my favourite season) Christmas is a coming and Strictly Come Dancing is on the television, it’s just gorgeous to snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate at this time of year. But saying that I do love the fruity zesty fragrances that the warmer weather brings us. I was introduced to two beautiful tropical fragrances in the form of a body mist that is currently at Superdrug in store and online, to give me a bit of fruity luxury in the Autumn and Winter time, right through Christmas and New Year too. The first fragrance is Pink Tropic.

I just love the pink packaging! I love the shape of the bottle, I love the gold coloured top too, which gives it a more expensive look. This is definitely a body mist, the spray is so light it doesn’t leave the skin dripping wet with the fragrance like a lot of body mists do. As for the gorgeous fragrance of Crushed Pineapple and Coconut it really does leave your skin smelling fresh and sweet, but after spraying on the body it doesn’t leave it dry just really quite moisturised, which is due to the added castor oil I would think. I also sprayed the body mist on my legs after shaving, and it didn’t sting! If you want a bit of tropical Summer nights in Autumn, in a fragrance try this one HERE.

Although my favourite colour is pink, my favourite of these two body mists is this one Aqua Haze. It’s more fruity and zesty which is what I love in any fragrance. It’s tangy lemon, crisp sharp apple and sweet ripe pear. This lasted longer on my skin than the first one to be perfectly honest with you, it does have a stronger fragrance, but it still feels as though it’s moisturising and not drying the skin out if I choose not to use body lotion. You can find this beautiful body mist just HERE.

Right now at Superdrug there is Double points on selected Christmas gifting and you can save up to half price on Selected Christmas gifting.


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Making Scents of It……

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I’ve been watching a few You Tube videos, and “What I got for Christmas” seems to be popping into my feed quite a bit at the moment. Obviously I watch mostly female vloggers, mostly beauty related. Among the vloggers Christmas presents is of course perfume, be it a pure Parfum where the fragrance is 20%/30% concentration, Eau de Parfum which has 15%/20% concentration or Eau de Toilette which is 5%/15% perfume concentration. The cheaper Eau de Cologne has a higher ratio of alcohol to perfume concentrate as does the Eau Fraiche. Obviously the higher perfume concentrate the longer the fragrance will last on the skin. Which brings me to the reason why I’m writing this post. Do we wear our perfume correctly? Do we store our perfume in the correct way? 

A pure Parfum will almost always be in a bottle with a stopper which you dab onto the skin. Eau de Parfum is probably a spray or spritz application. The Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne and Eau Fraiche can be in a spray application or the “splash it all over” application. 

Where do you keep all your fragrances? I bet they are all looking pretty on your dressing table or vanity unit. Will you allow me to advise you that it’s the worst thing you can do? Unless they are still in their box. Perfume of any kind will deteriorate in sunlight, it can go rancid. The way to store perfume is by keeping them away from sunlight, keep them in their boxes or in a drawer. 

Applying your fragrance is important too. Most of the vloggers I watched sprayed their perfume onto their wrist. Yes that’s a perfect place to apply it but it was applied with the bottle too close to the skin AND then the wrists rubbed together. Rubbing the wrists together “crushes” the fragrance meaning the scent won’t last as long as it should. A spray perfume should be applied at a distance of 6/8 inches on each wrist. Applying your fragrance to all the pulse points too, behind the ears, behind the knees, the crook of the elbows, and you can always spray the fragrance into the air and “walk” through it too, and if you are lucky enough to have a few bottles to choose from, remember when you opened them, an opened bottle of perfume will last a maximum of 5 years. 

I have just 2 different fragrances on the go at the moment. I have Calvin Klein “Euphoria” and a Binky Felstead ( from Made in Chelsea tv programme) perfume set in the fragrance “Wild” and I treat them both in exactly the same way. They are in their original box protecting them from the light. 

Do you look after your fragrance properly? What are you loving at the moment?  Thank you for reading today.