Getting the Summer Glow with Technic Cosmetics…

Hey there lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty!

I have got an eyeshadow palette that just spells out the Summer holidays. It’s pretty and vibrant and has Flamingoes on the packaging!

This is the Summer Glow eyeshadow palette by a brand I’ve heard of but never actually purchased before, Technic. Mark picked this up for me in our local Jack’s store. Jack’s is a subsidiary of Tesco.

This gorgeous palette is in a bright pink tin with flamingoes standing all across the top. Inside the lid of the tin is a super mirror that you see the whole of your face in, there’s another flamingo standing in the corner of the mirror. The colours though are a pure joy to behold. Beautiful brights, gorgeous nudes/natural shades. Most are matte but there are a few shimmers in there too. The colours I tried out are so buttery soft and very easy to blend out to the intensity you want. I love that each eyeshadow has been given the name of a favourite holiday destination, my two faves are the final two “Bora Bora” and “Maldives” In fact they are all beautiful colours and I’d love to give those more vibrant shades a go, I must have a play around sometime.

This palette was a beautiful bargain in our local supermarket, I think the brand is available in places like Tesco, Bodycare, and online at Fragrance Direct HERE. Their official website too and is HERE.

Have you tried the Technic brand? Let me know what you’d recommend.

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Lacura (Aldi) Naturals Eyeshadow Palette

Hey there lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

Mark popped into Aldi to do a bit of a top up shop and came home with a really nice eyeshadow palette for me. It’s from the Lacura brand, who are quite renowned to do damn good dupes of the more expensive beauty products out there. This Naturals eyeshadow palette looks very similar to something from Urban Decay methinks. I can’t compare them though, I’ve never used Urban Decay.

With 12 eyeshadows in natural/nude shades and a mix of cool and warm tones, you should be able to create lots of different looks with this one. For me, I thought the shadows are a bit chalky and “bitty” when I dipped my brush in. The lighter shades didn’t give much colour pay off when applied either. I like to apply a wash of a matte cream shade over my eyes before I add colour, don’t ask me why I just do. The darker the colours are the better the payoff seems to be. The shimmer shades come off better than the more matte ones, to be honest. The packaging is pretty nice, the palette itself is plastic and then inserted into a box, and like Urban Decay it has a double-ended brush. The brush actually is a pretty good one, especially the fluffy blending brush which I have been using with all my eyeshadows not just when I use this one. To be honest, wear time isn’t great it fades after a couple of hours, so I wouldn’t choose this one for a long day out. I’ll continue to use just on a daily basis when I fancy putting a face on. It could be ideal for a young person just getting into makeup when there isn’t much of a budget.

Have you tried any of the Aldi Lacura beauty “dupes”? I’d love to know what you think.

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[AD-Gifted] Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipstick by MUA Makeup Academy…..

Hey there lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty!

I had a little squeal of delight when 6 gorgeous looking lipsticks by my favourite makeup brand MUA Makeup Academy arrived for a little play.

I have 6 shades from the 8 that are available. They are lovely chunky twist-up lipsticks, with the absolutely gloriously MUA usual fragrance of vanilla! All of them are so wonderfully pigmented and glide on perfectly leaving a very pretty sheen to the lips. They last a good couple of hours on me, I am a constant lip licker and I drink a lot of water and a few coffees throughout the day. But re-applying doesn’t bother me as the lipsticks aren’t drying at all, they feel so moisturising. The darker shades do leave a slight stain on the lips as they wear down, and even though I have 59-year-old lips, these did not “bleed” into my lines, AND I wasn’t wearing any lip liner either.

Let’s look at the pretty colours! I just want to clarify that the numbers on the lipstick are not the numbers that MUA have put on them. Mark popped them on for me so that I’m able to give you the shade names more accurately.

 1. FIRST CLASS.  beautiful blue-toned red.

2. ELITE Pink with brown tones.

3, SUPER NUDE a cool-toned nude

4, WORLD CLASS a warm pink nude

5, HEROIC a warm nude

6, MAJOR a warm orange-brown

You can pick up these gorgeous lipsticks from Superdrug on your High Street or online at MUA  HERE.

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Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation….Get Glowing into Spring!

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa!

I usually prefer my face makeup fairly matte and add some glow with a touch of highlighter on the top of my cheekbones. But I’ve decided to give an illuminating foundation a go and I treated myself to this one from Collection. This is the Illuminating Touch Foundation. To be honest, I’ve had this foundation for a few months and it’s remained unopened in my drawer. I purchased mine from Superdrug, but it does appear to be discontinued from there, however Boots do still have it in stock. I’ll leave a link at the end of my post.

A foundation such as this one is perfect for dry skin like mine, it does make an older face appear more luminous therefore giving a more youthful appearance. So why oh why have I only just started to use this pretty product? I really don’t know! BUT, better late than not at all.

The foundation comes in a gorgeous frosted glass bottle that has a sun burst motif on it, and with a pump action delivery system, which I love. I used my dampened Basic Beauty Tools foundation blending sponge to apply the foundation to my face (I’ve a review of the sponge HERE) and it blended into my skin easily and even though the formula is quite lightweight, it gave me a lovely medium coverage which is perfect for me for Spring/Summer. Once on the skin it gave me a soft dewy glow, and not an oily looking mess that I was expecting. I used it right up onto  and under my eyes, where I found that it didn’t sink in to any lines, in fact it kept the area hydrated. I did powder around my nose and chin, because I don’t like to look too shiny in those areas. The staying power of the foundation was ok, it didn’t slide off my skin at all and it didn’t go orange on me either. In all for just £5.99 it’s a super illuminating foundation. There are just 4 shades available which is unfortunate to be honest, check them out HERE.

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Essence 2 in 1 Makeup and Concealer

Hello beauties, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

So a while ago I did a small shop in Wilko and purchased some products from the wonderful Essence brand. There are a couple of products that I got that have really stood out for me and one of them being the Camouflage 2 in 1 foundation and concealer.

At just £3.80 for 30ml of product it’s a bargain. It’s a squeezy tube too which I love. I’ve not used a foundation-concealer product before so I was looking forward to using this when I got it home, but it has been sitting on my dressing table waiting for the less sunny and warm weather to arrive so that I could put away the lightweight foundations and BB Creams. I actually got around to wearing this last weekend and I found it to be fantastic! I applied it using a Real Techniques Buffing Brush then used a damp sponge to press over my skin once I applied the foundation. I took the product over my eyes paying more attention to the inner corners where I’m a bit dark. For me I think that this is a medium to full coverage, and it covered all the issues I have with my skin. I get redness on my left cheek, it was covered, I get redness around my nose, it was covered, I get redness on my chin, it’s covered by this foundation, and I also don’t need to use powder to set it. If you prefer a lighter application then apply using a damp sponge rather than a brush, and that’s just my opinion of course. I also noticed after wearing for a while that it doesn’t settle into lines or cake under my eyes. It’s long-lasting and it doesn’t transfer to the collar of  my clothes or my baby Granddaughters clothes when I’m squishing her! For me, this is a fabulous face base product, one that I shall be using a lot and will be a definite re-purchase.

If you don’t have a Wilko near you, you can purchase this and all Essence products online HERE.