{Gifted} Ancienne Ambiance London Luxury Soap.

Hey there my lovelies. Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I have featured this beautiful brand and their products before on my blog. Check out my previous post on their luxe soap HERE. When the company contacted me again telling me about the new soap fragrances and would I like to try them I jumped at the chance. 

The Ancienne Ambiance luxury soaps are just that! They are free from  parabens, and they are full of all the skin kind ingredients including Shea Butter and natural fine quality fragrance. These soaps did not strip my skin. The lather is really creamy and after using one for simple hand washing I found that my hands didn’t feel dry or crepey. 

Using the soap in my bath is such a joy too, I like to use with my bath puff smoothed over legs and underarms and it’s perfect for shaving with

The soap comes packaged in a cello type of wrapping embossed with black and gold, and it’s all safe to put into your recycling.

Each soap is 100g and embossed with the Ancienne Ambiance branding. My favourite fragrance is this one Bacca Berry. It’s fragrance is so fruity with Blueberries, Blackberries and Redcurrants just yummy! The fragrance lingers on the skin and when left on the soap dish in the bathroom, it permeates throughout, absolutley glorious.

Other new frangraces are;

Neroli Orange Blossom
Ambra Amber
Adriatica Fig

I’ll come back soon and let you know what I think of the other fragrances, as and when I use them. Neroli Orange Blossom I think. In the meantime check out Ancienne Ambiance Luxury Soap and other beautiful products HERE.

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AD-gifted. Cyclax Nature Pure Vitamin E Face and Body Cream.

Hello, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa. 

Regular readers of my blog will know my love for the brand Cyclax. I’ve already featured a couple of products here on EAB, click HERE

Today I thought I would share with you a rather delicious body cream. This is from Nature Pure range at Cyclax and it’s the Vitamin E Face and Body Cream.

A whopping 300ml size jar for this beauty! When I opened the jar and took a sniff of the pretty pale green cream, I could smell that this was comfort for my dry dehydrated skin. It just smells so fresh, like a garden after the rain. It feels so cooling when it’s applied and sinks in like an absolute dream. It’s not a thick sticky cream which is wonderful for me, I’m not too keen on a body cream/lotion that feels sticky in any way. The Vitamin E content means my skin is being nourished and leaving my skin feeling so soft, with a subtle fragrance that won’t interfere with your chosen perfume. 

As this is a cream for the face and body I did of course use it for a few weeks as my daytime moisturiser. It is lovely on my dry mature skin. It’s not greasy and it applied like a dream. I was disappointed however that I did break out with a couple of spots on my chin and cheek, but nothing too serious. The cream is lovely to use, as is everything else I have to try from Cyclax ranges.  The products in Nature Pure range are suitable for Vegans and ALL products are made here in the UK. 

To find out where to buy your Cyclax products click HERE.

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Bloom-ing Gorgeous Fragrance.

Welcome to my blog Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I love me a fragranced body mist, especially in the warmer months. I find them to be so cooling and refreshing to use. I am loving a range from Superdrug called Bloom Collection. I treated myself to a couple while they are on special offer. I have tried all the scents except the Driftwood and Sea salt, which I shall do soon, hopefully. 

My favourite is Mandarin Lime and Basil scent. It’s so fresh with a citrus herby fragrance. Then the Orange Rose and Amber is a lighter more floral citrus fragrance. I think that these are perfect to use in the warmer months and a perfect size to carry in my handbag/beach bag. They don’t dry out my skin like body sprays do, yes they contain alcohol but they also contain Glycerin which sadly means they are not suitable for Vegans. 

I think that there are 5 fragrances in the Bloom range and you can find them HERE.

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AD-Gifted. Cyclax Skincare..

How are you doing my lovelies? Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I just thought I’d share with you some lovely products I’ve received from one of my favourite brands, Cyclax, thank you so much to Abbie for sending them out to me.


 I received one of my absolute favourite products in this gorgeous package: the Cyclax Moistura cleanser/toner 2 in 1. I love this product so much. I already have a review of this if you would like to see, HERE. The post also includes the super-duper Cyclax Moistura Daily Moisturiser for normal/dry skin too.

I’m really happy to be able to try now the Gentle Facial Exfoliator, the Treatment Hand Cream and Cyclax Nature Pure Vitamin E Face and Body Cream. This face and body cream intrigues me, I don’t think that I’ve used a suitable cream for both face AND the body, well I shall find out shan’t I? I hope you will come back soon and I shall let you know how I got on with these lovely products. 

Take care of yourselves.



[AD-gifted] We Love! By Superdrug. Cleanser, Body Scrub and Body Butter

Hello and welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

Regular readers of my blog will know I love bringing natural beauty products to share here, and before Christmas I was sent some lovely products to try, from Superdrug.

This a Superdrug own brand from the WE LOVE range of all natural products. I have tried some face masks from the range which I reviewed on EAB, I’ll leave links at the end of this post if you’d like to take a look.

One of the things I love about this range of products is that the packaging is all recyclable. Once empty just give the pots a wash and pop them into your recycling bin! I saw a review where someone said that the packaging is colourless and boring. It’s not the prettiest, but it is environmentally friendly. The products are also suitable for vegetarian and vegans.

The We Love Cleansers Coconut Cleanser is gorgeous, It smells amazing! Containing coconut oil and shea butter this is a super creamy cleanser that I do prefer to use in my morning routine. The smell of the coconut just wakes up the sluggish morning senses. It literally just melts into the skin, you don’t need a lot of product, and it then wipes away easily with a face cloth. I did find however that it’s not great at makeup removal at the end of the day. You can check out the We Love Cleansers coconut cleanser HERE.

The We Love Body Scrubs pink grapefruit jelly scrub is another big hit for me. I have been using body scrubs a bit more recently and the fruitier the better! This smells just like a pink grapefruit, it is really beautiful. With Grapefruit oil extract in there and rice germ powder for the scrubby bit. It has castor oil for moisturisation. It certainly isn’t a scratchy body scrub it’s really comfortable to use, and leaves the skin soft and glowing and smelling gorgeous! Check out the pink grapefruit jelly scrub HERE.

After the bath or shower using the jelly scrub, how about a body butter that smells like chocolate? The We Love Moisturisers Cocoa body butter is just that. It looks like a delicious milk chocolate creamy pudding and it smells like one too! It’s not quite thick enough to be called a body butter in my opinion, but even so it’s very moisturising on my skin, it’s not sticky and sinks in just lovely. It contains shea butter and cacao butter for  lovely velvety feeling skin. I suffer from very dry skin on my right shin where I have a scar, the cocoa body butter smoothed and hydrated it for me. I have used it after shaving my legs and it did tingle a little afterwards, but that soon wore off. If you love chocolate you are going to love this! Check it out HERE.

Right now in Superdrug the offer is Buy 1 get 2nd half price on selected Superdrug brand skincare.

My reviews of We Love Facemasks are HERE.


*PR Gift*