All About The Base. No7 Airbrush Away Primer and Foundation.

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So I have been sharing my love of No7 skincare here on EAB, I thought that I’d share with you two more face products. This is the No7 Airbrush Away Primer and the Foundation.

I actually stopped wearing a primer underneath my foundation because by the end of the day I would have a breakout of spots on my cheek and sometimes my chin. This was down to, I think, that the primer was too heavy/thick for my skin. So I was pretty happy to get this No7 Airbrush Away primer in one of my Boots and No7 beauty boxes, I had already purchased the foundation previously. The primer is Hypo-allergenic and contains Hyaluronic acid spheres to give the skin that soft, blurred appearance to pores and fine lines. It also evens out the skin tone. the primer is white and creamy in appearance and feels so light when it’s applied, not thick and oily like other primers have felt before on my skin. This makes my skin look and feel smooth and almost fresh looking. Although I am showing this primer with its “bestie” I have used it with other foundations and it has worked perfectly with all of them. They all lasted for as long as I was wearing my makeup until I removed it later that day/evening, and not one spot/zit/breakout/blocked pores. This Airbrush Away primer by No7 has just become my new “hero” makeup product, something that will be on repeat order from Boots, for sure. You can find it HERE.

The Airbrush Away primer does have a “best friend” in the Airbrush Away Foundation. This really is rather gorgeous! It’s one of those foundations that gives you that perfect natural-looking skin, made up but not made to look made-up type of thing. It’s dispensed via a pipette-type delivery system. The product does need to be given a good shake before use. It’s very liquid and doesn’t sit on the back of the hand, I pop it onto my foundation brush then apply it to my face. I have found that it does apply better with a brush rather than a sponge, but as always, it’s just personal preference. I do love how my skin looks after applying this foundation, so smooth and healthy-looking. I did think it would be a matte coverage, but it’s just so light your own skin comes through. It’s buildable to the coverage you do want for yourself. Yes, I’m definitely a big fan. It looks like this Airbrush Away foundation is out of stock at the moment, but you can find many other beauties HERE.

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Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation..

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I’ve been using a new foundation this week. This is the Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation with Flexi-Hold. 

Okay, so I have mature skin that’s on the dry side and I had seen reviews on this foundation about it clinging on the drier areas of the skin. So taking that on board, before I applied the foundation I let my moisturiser really sink in first.

Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation is a primer foundation and concealer all in one lovely glass pump action bottle. It’s a buildable medium to full coverage and is stated that it will last 24 hours being non-transferable touch-proof and shine proof. I obviously haven’t worn my makeup for 24 hours so I can’t comment, but my skin didn’t go shiny, I didn’t get foundation transferring to light coloured necklines of my clothes, and it did last me all day with the colour staying in place. I found the foundation applied better for me when I used a sponge rather than a brush, my pores are far less noticeable and my skin looked flawless. Although it is a matte finish it doesn’t make my skin look “flat” I still had natural-looking skin, I loved that I don’t have to use powder to set afterwards. Face Finity foundation is Dermatologically tested and it didn’t clog my pores, it’s also got an SPF 20 and it’s oil-free.

Father Christmas gifted me this and I believe he got it from Boots HERE

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MUA Makeup Academy Pro/Base Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation…

Hey there lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

I just thought that I would share my thoughts on a new foundation I bought a few weeks ago from Superdrug. It’s a fairly new one from my favourite high street makeup brand, MUA Makeup Academy. This is from the Pro/Base range and it’s the Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation.

The first thing I am happy to say is that it’s a glass bottle, so can be recycled. The applicator, which is a spatula type is plastic, By the look of it may be recyclable too. Obviously, I would have preferred this to be a pump type delivery system, but then there is the problem again in recycling. Apparently, some parts that go into the workings of a pump can’t be recycled?? The spatula though isn’t a problem, I just popped the foundation onto the back of my hand as I would do anyway. The amount of product that’s on the spatula when pulled from the bottle does seem rather a lot and looks a tad messy too. These negatives aside though, this foundation is really rather good. It blends easily with a brush, the coverage is medium to full and oh my, it makes my skin look flawless! Although a matte foundation there does seem to be a slight sheen to my skin, it certainly isn’t flat matte at all. It does contain vitamin E and is paraben free too. I have mature dry skin and this foundation does not make my face look like a wrinkled old prune, it just looks and feels soft and smooth. I have also found that for me, I don’t need to powder afterwards, my skin is ready for blush and highlight and the rest of my makeup, and I’m good to go. It really is a long wear foundation on me too, I haven’t had to top up and there is absolutely no shine peeking through during the day either. For a long wear foundation for under £5, it’s awesome! You can find the MUA Pro/Base Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation HERE.

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Wake Me Up, by Rimmel..The Skin Brightening Foundation.

Hello loves, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa

I’ve got a foundation to share with you today. I actually purchased it back in April and I’ve only just got around to writing a post about it because I’ve had quite a bit of PR product to do first. This is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.

I am so late to the party trying this foundation, it was on nearly every blog and You Tube channel months/years ago! I decided to give it a go purely for the anti-fatigue and brightening aspect of the product. I also love that it contains Vitamin C too, and I thought that it would be lighter on my skin for the Summer months. I bought the shade 103 True Ivory.

This foundation is very creamy in texture, and the pump-action dispenser means it’s more hygienic and gives the amount you need. I tried using just one pump at first, but found I needed two to cover my big old face. But it blends beautifully with a brush or a sponge or fingers, it does apply really nicely. Once I had blended it in my skin looked and felt softer, brighter and more radiant, and no glitter or shimmer on my face at all either, which is what I have found with some skin brightening foundations. Once it’s on the skin it doesn’t feel sticky and clammy, and the smell is amazing, it’s a lovely fresh fragrance to it. I usually powder my foundation, but with the Rimmel Wake Me Up I decided to just powder the center of my face and keep the rest of my face glowy and ready to take my creamy cheek colours. (I’ve a post of which cheek products I’ve been using coming on the blog soon)

I didn’t use a primer underneath this foundation as I wanted to see how it wears without it, although I did spritz afterwards with a setting spray. It lasted me all day without creasing under my eyes, and it didn’t cause any shine down the center part of my face where I applied powder. I did however notice that none was left on my forehead, which can only be down to the weather causing my face to sweat rather a lot. I think a lot of us makeup wearers have been suffering with the same problem this Summer in the UK. It’s certainly not the fault of the product.

This is definitely a foundation I shall repurchase, and there is a concealer to match so I’d like to get my hands on that next. I purchased my Wake Me Up Foundation from Superdrug HERE.


Flawless Silk Foundation….B. Makeup..

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I had been trying to get my hands on this foundation for ages but it had always been out of stock in my local Superdrug. I couldn’t order it online because I needed to check for the correct shade for my skin tone, now thankfully I have it and it was so worth waiting for. This is the Flawless Silk Foundation by B. Makeup. I tried it without using a primer underneath.

This non – oily silk foundation gives a light to medium coverage which is buildable and easy to blend to the coverage you want. It’s so lightweight that I couldn’t feel I was wearing a foundation, but for the pretty glow it gave my skin, to touch my skin feels silky and soft. The Flawless Silk Foundation comes in a tube, but rather than a squeezy delivery system it’s actually a pump-action one, the cap clearly says “Pump me slowly” but before you do give it a good shake first it works better that way!

To give the foundation a good try out I used 3 ways to apply it. My dampened foundation sponge (not a B. Makeup one) a brush (not a B. makeup one) and my fingers. To be honest I’ve never liked using my fingers to apply my foundation, but they are a pretty good tool to apply it with if you want more of a fuller coverage, using fingers for this one you do get a good slip of the product, it didn’t drag on my skin at all, I patted it in over the eye area so as not to pull at the delicate skin, it covered the darkness in the inner corners of my eyes. I much prefer using my two favourite methods though to apply this foundation. I used just one pump with my damp sponge and it covered what I wanted it to cover. I get a bit of redness on my left cheek and my chin, and both areas were covered nicely, using the damp sponge gives a lighter coverage that is perfect for days when I’m just at home but want my skin to look as though I’m more put together. If I need a heavier coverage I use a buffing brush and again this gorgeous product applies like a dream. After I have blended the foundation in I take whats left on the brush over my eyes, carefully. I do tend to sweat on my eyelids so this just helps me get a nice base for eyeshadow. I then apply a light dusting of setting powder down the center of my face and my skin looks flawless! What I did notice about the Flawless Silk Foundation is that it dries quickly on the skin and it doesn’t feel sticky and tacky, I just get smooth soft looking skin with a bit of a glow, which lasts me all day until I take it off.

This and ALL B. makeup and skincare is suitable for Vegans, and the foundation has an SPF 15, it’s available in 12 shades… Check out Superdrug on your High Street or find it HERE.

Love, Teresa


*This was a PR gift*