A Small Superdrug Haul……

Hello my lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I had these gorgeous products sitting in my basket on the Superdrug website for some time now, so I thought it was about time to actually click “pay” and purchase them. In the interest of transparency I have to tell you that nothing in this beauty booty is pr gifted, I paid for it all myself. I have previously worked with Superdrug and had products from all these ranges gifted to me in the past, that’s why I buy them myself now to be honest, I know they work for me. Although I’ve never had pr from Rimmel, ever. I shall just have to dream about that, loving Rimmel nail care and polishes like I do!

For me, anything that has the Superdrug name on it works for me. Be it their varying ranges of skincare or their own range of makeup that is B. by Superdrug. The Optimum range of skincare is one of my favourites, and that range in particular caters for anyones skincare needs, whatever age. The newest range from Optimum is the night-time or bed time range of products. I treated myself to the Cleansing Balm and the Moisture Mask. I also got myself two products from the Optimum PhytoSurvive range, the Multi Protecting Serum and the Multi Protecting Day Cream.

Another Superdrug own brand of skincare is B. Skincare. I chose two cleansing products. A mahoosive bottle of Micellar Water, and a simply delicious bottle of the Micellar Oil, which is an oil to milk cleanser. From B. Makeup I picked up the Flawless Duo Concealer. All Superdrug own brand products are Vegan friendly.

Lastly I treated myself to two Rimmel 60 second super shine nail polishes, in the shades Black Cherries and Berries and Cream.

Well that’s just a few of the gorgeous products that I picked up from Superdrug a while back, and I’ve since added a few more to my basket, like Flower Beauty’s foundation and concealer ( a lovely looking makeup range by Drew Barrymore, the actress) I can’t wait to get my hands on those in a few weeks.

Thank you for stopping by today, I’ll come back soon with reviews of some of the products in my haul.



Wake Me Up, by Rimmel..The Skin Brightening Foundation.

Hello loves, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa

I’ve got a foundation to share with you today. I actually purchased it back in April and I’ve only just got around to writing a post about it because I’ve had quite a bit of PR product to do first. This is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.

I am so late to the party trying this foundation, it was on nearly every blog and You Tube channel months/years ago! I decided to give it a go purely for the anti-fatigue and brightening aspect of the product. I also love that it contains Vitamin C too, and I thought that it would be lighter on my skin for the Summer months. I bought the shade 103 True Ivory.

This foundation is very creamy in texture, and the pump-action dispenser means it’s more hygienic and gives the amount you need. I tried using just one pump at first, but found I needed two to cover my big old face. But it blends beautifully with a brush or a sponge or fingers, it does apply really nicely. Once I had blended it in my skin looked and felt softer, brighter and more radiant, and no glitter or shimmer on my face at all either, which is what I have found with some skin brightening foundations. Once it’s on the skin it doesn’t feel sticky and clammy, and the smell is amazing, it’s a lovely fresh fragrance to it. I usually powder my foundation, but with the Rimmel Wake Me Up I decided to just powder the center of my face and keep the rest of my face glowy and ready to take my creamy cheek colours. (I’ve a post of which cheek products I’ve been using coming on the blog soon)

I didn’t use a primer underneath this foundation as I wanted to see how it wears without it, although I did spritz afterwards with a setting spray. It lasted me all day without creasing under my eyes, and it didn’t cause any shine down the center part of my face where I applied powder. I did however notice that none was left on my forehead, which can only be down to the weather causing my face to sweat rather a lot. I think a lot of us makeup wearers have been suffering with the same problem this Summer in the UK. It’s certainly not the fault of the product.

This is definitely a foundation I shall repurchase, and there is a concealer to match so I’d like to get my hands on that next. I purchased my Wake Me Up Foundation from Superdrug HERE.


September favourites!

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

So it’s that time of the month again, so to speak, time for another monthly favourites post where I share with you the products that I’ve been loving during September, I’ve new favourites and a rediscovered favourite and some that are always in my favourites posts. First up is my most repurchased product, ever and it’s a nail treatment.


The Rimmel London Nail Rescue. I have used it for years, ever since I stopped wearing acrylic nails. It really has “rescued” my nails, I use it each time I do a manicure as my basecoat, but every couple of months I do use it as my treatment. If you would like to read how I do use it I have a review HERE.


This  is the B.Skincare Restorative Facial Oil, I  rediscovered it this last month, and I’ve fallen in love all over again, it’s from Superdrug on the High Street and I think it’s fabulous, I do love facial oils! I only use it at night-time twice a week under my night cream when I feel my skin needs a bit of a “pick me up” You can check out my review HERE.


Next, I have an eyeshadow brush that I think is just about the prettiest I have ever seen! It’s filled with Swarovski crystals, yes REAL Swarovski crystal! I love it not just because it’s so pretty but also because it’s gorgeous to use, I love the weight, it’s so comfortable to hold. The bristle holds onto the product and then blends over the eye beautifully, a really superb eyeshadow brush! My review of this and four more makeup brushes is HERE. If you would like to see.


I really have found my new “hero” in a concealer. I was later than most people to discover the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but now I’m so glad I have joined that party because it’s fantastic, and it will always be a repurchase for me that’s for sure. Check out my review HERE.


Lastly my beautiful Gold Bee Venom Mask by Heaven Skincare! I have mentioned in previous posts that 80% of the products I review, I purchase myself while the other 20% I have had sent to me for review or I have won as prizes on Twitter. This was a prize that I won on Twitter in celebration of Heaven Skincare’s 21st Birthday. I was so overcome when I got that DM telling me that I was the Twitter winner, I did have a cry I shall admit. I never thought that I would ever be able to have something so luxurious, so prestigious in my life. I really am very lucky. I have reviewed the Gold Bee Venom Mask HERE.

So that’s what I’ve loved over the last month, thank you for stopping by today.



November Favourites…..

Hello loves, Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

So December is here and it won’t be long until Christmas, if you celebrate it. I thought I’d share with you a few things that I’ve been loving over the last month. Some I’ve only had a couple of days but believe me I absolutely love them!


The first product is a lipstick, I never thought that a red lipstick would be in my “favourites” but hey ho, or HO ho (sorry) This is beautiful, by MUA Makeup Academy, just £1.00 and it’s shade “Vintage Rouge” You can find it HERE 


I’ve had the beautiful Winter Protection gift set from Heaven by Deborah Mitchell for just a matter of days, and I already am so in love with them! The packaging for a start is beautiful, and I know what goodness are inside the jars. I really can’t wait to review them for you in a couple of weeks. Heaven Skincare can be found HERE


The Rimmel Nail Rescue is forever in my favourites, it really has rescued my nails from many years of wearing acrylics. I use as a base coat each time I do my manicure. This wonderful nail treatment can be found HERE


My MUA Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Illuminating Liquid Glow is an absolute must for me at this time of year. It can be used all over the face before foundation for that all over glow, but I just use it on areas of my face that need highlighting. You can find this and other highlighters from MUA HERE


Crystal Taupe Eyeshine by Ariane Poole* Cosmetics was a gift to me from Ariane herself last Christmas time and I’ve loved it since. It’s a cream to powder eyeshadow that can be used alone or as a base for other eyeshadows. I’ve used it both ways and I love it on it’s own on my mobile lid then with a matte eyeshadow in the crease. It’s so long lasing too, and my go to eye makeup for when I’m visiting family, because I know it will last me the whole day! Visit Ariane Poole* Cosmetics HERE 


The Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory has only recently come into my life too. What a gorgeous combination of deliciousness in this amazing body butter! Shea Butter, Bergamot and Mandarin are just three that I’m a big fan of, although I have never been a big fan of body butters, preferring a body lotion, but when this came into my life so did my preference! Find it HERE

So these are just a few of the products that I’ve loved using over the last month, thank you for reading today.



February Favourites…..

Hello again lovelies welcome back!

Well it’s a new month, Spring is on its way (hooray!) so I thought I would share with you the products I have been enjoying during February.



So, let’s start on the left shall we? The Thea Skincare Uplifting Eye Cream has been a huge favourite since Thea sent me it to review, it really is the best eye cream I’ve ever used AND it’s one I have recommended not only here on my blog but also to family & friends. If you would like to read my full review go HERE.

Another favourite from the last month, again from Thea Skincare is the Plump & Define Lip Creme. A God send at this time of year with the wind and rain and cold and of course the central heating too. This lip creme is so moisturising, it helps keep my lips soft and smooth. If you would like to read my review you can go HERE.

One of my hero products and has been for a few years is the Rimmel Nail Nurse Nail Rescue. Since I got rid of my acrylic nails and false nails my natural nails have never looked better and it’s all thanks to this amazing nail treatment. I use the treatment as per the instructions once a month, and in between I use it as a base coat for my manicure. You can see how I use it HERE.

I’ve not yet reviewed this product by MUA Makeup Academy, it’s the Pro-Base Primer and it’s so nice! It really gets my face all prepared for foundation and helps to make it last longer too. Look out for my review later lovelies.

I’ve not had this lipstick long only a few weeks but it was in February and it’s gorgeous so I just had to include it in my faves. I’ve not reviewed it yet but will be getting onto it soon. This lovely lippy is from Makeup Revolution and it’s in the shade “Dusky” a pretty pink shade that’s so soft and creamy on the lips. I shall be wearing this a lot in the coming Spring/Summer.

My favourite makeup palette from the last month is the gorgeous GO palette from Makeup Revolution. This is  a super palette that holds 6 eye colours, highlighter, bronzer and blusher. It really is my GO too palette of the moment! You can check out my review HERE.

My Ariane Poole Luxury Black Mascara was sent to me by Ariane to review and I was hooked at first sweep of the wand! It makes my eyes look like I’ve got eyelashes again, it gives me length and volume without making my lashes hard and clumpy. You can see my review HERE.

Finally another complexion product from MUA Makeup Academy, it’s the Pro-Base Prime and Conceal powder. This is lovely stuff. It’s a baked powder so it’s very soft when applied to the skin, and it doesn’t sink into fine lines and wrinkles. You can see HERE how I use it.

So, lovelies that’s what I have been loving during February and if you would like to see anymore from the brands I’ve mentioned here are some links:

Ariane Poole

Makeup Revolution

Thea Skincare



Thank you for reading.