Optimum PhytoCalm Midnight Moisture Mask…

Hey there lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa

So a few weeks ago I did a bit of shopping at my local Superdrug and came across the Optimum PhytoCalm products. There was a cleansing balm which I have written a review for HERE. There was also an oil which I have yet to get and then there was this one, a mask. All three products are meant for night time use.

This is the Optimum PhytoCalm Midnight Moisture Mask. This mask contains Four O’clock Flower which helps the skin in it’s night time recovery, leading to a brighter and smoother complexion the following morning. It smells incredible too! After cleansing, I applied the mask thickly to my skin. It’s a lovely thick cooling creamy consistency as it’s applied. This is one mask that I do apply using my fingers, others I usually use a brush. And I do apply a thin-ish layer under my eyes too. Once on the skin and left overnight to do its work, I can say I was not sticking to the pillow at all. The next morning when I looked in the mirror my skin looked glowing, I had a flush of rosy cheeks, it looked smooth and felt very soft and hydrated. Since giving up smoking 2 years ago I was left with those horrid verticle lines above my top lip. They now appear to be softened somewhat. (Oh how I wish they were never there!) This mask will always be a repurchase for me I honestly do love it and rate it, highly. My only negative is that it doesn’t come in a bigger size, this is only 15ml. You can check this beauty out HERE.

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A Small Superdrug Haul……

Hello my lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I had these gorgeous products sitting in my basket on the Superdrug website for some time now, so I thought it was about time to actually click “pay” and purchase them. In the interest of transparency I have to tell you that nothing in this beauty booty is pr gifted, I paid for it all myself. I have previously worked with Superdrug and had products from all these ranges gifted to me in the past, that’s why I buy them myself now to be honest, I know they work for me. Although I’ve never had pr from Rimmel, ever. I shall just have to dream about that, loving Rimmel nail care and polishes like I do!

For me, anything that has the Superdrug name on it works for me. Be it their varying ranges of skincare or their own range of makeup that is B. by Superdrug. The Optimum range of skincare is one of my favourites, and that range in particular caters for anyones skincare needs, whatever age. The newest range from Optimum is the night-time or bed time range of products. I treated myself to the Cleansing Balm and the Moisture Mask. I also got myself two products from the Optimum PhytoSurvive range, the Multi Protecting Serum and the Multi Protecting Day Cream.

Another Superdrug own brand of skincare is B. Skincare. I chose two cleansing products. A mahoosive bottle of Micellar Water, and a simply delicious bottle of the Micellar Oil, which is an oil to milk cleanser. From B. Makeup I picked up the Flawless Duo Concealer. All Superdrug own brand products are Vegan friendly.

Lastly I treated myself to two Rimmel 60 second super shine nail polishes, in the shades Black Cherries and Berries and Cream.

Well that’s just a few of the gorgeous products that I picked up from Superdrug a while back, and I’ve since added a few more to my basket, like Flower Beauty’s foundation and concealer ( a lovely looking makeup range by Drew Barrymore, the actress) I can’t wait to get my hands on those in a few weeks.

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