[AD-Gifted] Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipstick by MUA Makeup Academy…..

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I had a little squeal of delight when 6 gorgeous looking lipsticks by my favourite makeup brand MUA Makeup Academy arrived for a little play.

I have 6 shades from the 8 that are available. They are lovely chunky twist-up lipsticks, with the absolutely gloriously MUA usual fragrance of vanilla! All of them are so wonderfully pigmented and glide on perfectly leaving a very pretty sheen to the lips. They last a good couple of hours on me, I am a constant lip licker and I drink a lot of water and a few coffees throughout the day. But re-applying doesn’t bother me as the lipsticks aren’t drying at all, they feel so moisturising. The darker shades do leave a slight stain on the lips as they wear down, and even though I have 59-year-old lips, these did not “bleed” into my lines, AND I wasn’t wearing any lip liner either.

Let’s look at the pretty colours! I just want to clarify that the numbers on the lipstick are not the numbers that MUA have put on them. Mark popped them on for me so that I’m able to give you the shade names more accurately.

 1. FIRST CLASS.  beautiful blue-toned red.

2. ELITE Pink with brown tones.

3, SUPER NUDE a cool-toned nude

4, WORLD CLASS a warm pink nude

5, HEROIC a warm nude

6, MAJOR a warm orange-brown

You can pick up these gorgeous lipsticks from Superdrug on your High Street or online at MUA  HERE.

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MUA Makeup Academy Skin Define Matte Perfect Primer…

Hello gorgeous, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

I just love the days when my post lady delivers me parcels of gorgeousness, and I was so excited a few days ago to open a lovely surprise parcel from my favourite makeup brand MUA Makeup Academy. They recently launched three new face products adding to their Skin Define range. I’m really excited about this new collection, it’s Matte Perfect! Although I have a dry skin, I do love a matte product, and then add the glow afterwards so I was looking forward to trying them. I’m starting off with the Matte Perfect Primer.


This is a primer with ingredients to look after the skin, containing Vitamin E and Jojoba. I found firstly that it’s best to give the tube a bit of a shake before dispensing, to amalgamate the product inside, it just seemed a bit “watery” I squeezed a pea sized amount of the clear gel onto the back of my hand, it’s a thicker consistency than I thought it would be, and that pea size amount was plenty to cover my big face! As I applied to my face I noticed the feel of it, it feels more like I’m applying  an oil based product than a primer. There is nothing silicon-y about this primer, although it does contain a silicon derived ingredient, it didn’t leave that dry feel to my skin like other primers have done, it didn’t make my pores feel “choked”. My skin looked smooth and the tone evened out with a mattified look to it. The Matte Perfect Primer is specifically for oily skin, to help eradicate that shine that can emerge during the day, but it wasn’t drying on my skin type. This is a lovely primer, and it works hand in hand with the other Matte Perfect products that I’ll be sharing with you soon. Does it work with other foundations? I haven’t tried yet, so I’ll come back to you with the answer soon. The Skin Define Matte Perfect Primer is available from Superdrug on the High Street and online HERE and also from MUA website HERE for just £5.00.

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New Skin Define Matte Perfect from MUA Makeup Academy…..Up for review…

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty…


MUA Makeup Academy have very kindly sent me 3 of their newest products to try out, and then review them here on EAB. These beauties are from their Skin Define range of face products, and are the Matte Perfect Foundation with vitamin A and Jojoba, the Matte Perfect Primer with vitamin A and Jojoba and the Matte Perfect Loose Powder with vitamin A and Jojoba. I shall use them over the next couple of days in different situations and get back to you with my thoughts, soon.

Have you seen any of Makeup Academy’s Skin Define range? I have reviewed their Hydro primer, Hydro Foundation and Hydro Pressed Powder. You can check them out HERE



November Favourites…..

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So December is here and it won’t be long until Christmas, if you celebrate it. I thought I’d share with you a few things that I’ve been loving over the last month. Some I’ve only had a couple of days but believe me I absolutely love them!


The first product is a lipstick, I never thought that a red lipstick would be in my “favourites” but hey ho, or HO ho (sorry) This is beautiful, by MUA Makeup Academy, just £1.00 and it’s shade “Vintage Rouge” You can find it HERE 


I’ve had the beautiful Winter Protection gift set from Heaven by Deborah Mitchell for just a matter of days, and I already am so in love with them! The packaging for a start is beautiful, and I know what goodness are inside the jars. I really can’t wait to review them for you in a couple of weeks. Heaven Skincare can be found HERE


The Rimmel Nail Rescue is forever in my favourites, it really has rescued my nails from many years of wearing acrylics. I use as a base coat each time I do my manicure. This wonderful nail treatment can be found HERE


My MUA Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Illuminating Liquid Glow is an absolute must for me at this time of year. It can be used all over the face before foundation for that all over glow, but I just use it on areas of my face that need highlighting. You can find this and other highlighters from MUA HERE


Crystal Taupe Eyeshine by Ariane Poole* Cosmetics was a gift to me from Ariane herself last Christmas time and I’ve loved it since. It’s a cream to powder eyeshadow that can be used alone or as a base for other eyeshadows. I’ve used it both ways and I love it on it’s own on my mobile lid then with a matte eyeshadow in the crease. It’s so long lasing too, and my go to eye makeup for when I’m visiting family, because I know it will last me the whole day! Visit Ariane Poole* Cosmetics HERE 


The Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory has only recently come into my life too. What a gorgeous combination of deliciousness in this amazing body butter! Shea Butter, Bergamot and Mandarin are just three that I’m a big fan of, although I have never been a big fan of body butters, preferring a body lotion, but when this came into my life so did my preference! Find it HERE

So these are just a few of the products that I’ve loved using over the last month, thank you for reading today.



MUA Makeup Academy Lipstick in “Classic Rouge”

Hello lovelies, Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

Since becoming Twitter chums with  gorgeous beauty blogger Becky over at Rougepout Beauty HERE who adores red lipstick, I’ve become a bit more adventurous with my own lipstick colour choices. I’ve never been one to entertain a red lipstick I always thought it didn’t suit me. But as Becky always says there’s a red lipstick out there to suit everyone. So, I was really grateful when MUA Makeup Academy sent me a beautiful red lipstick to try. This is the utterly gorgeous ” Classic Rouge”


It’s the first red lipstick that I’ve found that actually suits me, and that makes me so happy, especially with Christmas just a matter of weeks away. This shade of red is very “warm” I can’t use a red that has blue undertones or too cool  and this shade is just perfect for me. 


MUA lipsticks are really moisturising on the lips, they have a lightweight feel which I prefer, I hate to feel that I have a product on my lips. This one has a pretty gloss to it which makes me very happy, a matte lippy doesn’t suit me either (yes, I’m rather fussy with lip products) it isn’t really a long lasting lipstick, although it would last longer with a lip primer or even applying a lip liner underneath it. Who cares if it doesn’t last too long and has to be reapplied? I certainly don’t, it’s a mere £1.oo from HERE  A perfect lipstick for  Christmas time.

Are you a red lipstick fan? I’d love to know your favourite.