A Little Essence Cosmetics Haul….

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I recently popped into my local Wilko aiming to get a few Essence Cosmetics products that I’ve had my eye on for a while. I wanted the Lash Princess mascara but to be honest the Essence stand wasn’t well-stocked at all. There were a few other things I was after and couldn’t get hold of, so my shopping list/haul ended up slightly different. But alls well that ends well, as they say, this is what I did pick up.

I have been after a decent eyeshadow blending brush and smudge brush for a while, they had to be of low budget and Essence does have rather good brushes I’d seen. So that’s what I picked up. I’ve yet to use them so I will get back to you with my thoughts of them, soon. I have always known that a dark blue eyeliner is particularly flattering for the mature lady’s eye makeup so I picked up this lovely propelling pencil in the shade Cool Down, it’s a blue-grey shade, said to be long-lasting 18-hour waterproof wear, I’ll let you know how I get on with that one too! The products from my little beauty booty that I have actually used are rather good! The Banana nail file is absolutely brilliant. I don’t like a real course file for my nails and this one is perfect for me. It’s double-sided, one side (black) is to shorten the nails and the pink side is to smooth and shape. I love it! It leaves my nails so smooth and ready for all the nail treatments and polish. A right good nail file. The two glitter nail polishes are all ready for the coming Christmas season (sorry) The pretty pink glitter polish is in the shade 07 Party Princess. The glitter is very fine particles and really do sparkle and shine when on the nails, it’s gorgeous! The purple/silver glitter polish is in the shade 23 Party Time. This one has bigger glitter particles and again is very shiny when it catches the light. This one, however, is a bit of a devil to take off. I’m now looking to get myself a peel-off basecoat. I picked up the Lashes of the Day super volume mascara, and because I was thinking that I would need it, I also got myself the Essence Volume Booster lash primer. I do have a review of both these products coming up, but I can tell you that I don’t need the lash primer when I wear the lashes of the Day mascara! 

So, that was my little Essence/Wilko beauty haul. I’ll be back with reviews very soon. Thank you for stopping by today.




Hello lovelies, welcome back!

On 20th of April 2010 a new British makeup brand was born, it was set to become one of the most popular high street brands on the market, 5 years ago MUA Makeup Academy was born. They fast became known for their affordable and high quality cosmetics, with single eye shadows, lipstick, blusher, mascara and nail polish all at only £1.00 a pop! Then came MUA Professional, with the start of what was to become my obsession, the amazing eyeshadow palettes.

I must admit I was 2 years late to the party, but for the last 3 years I have grown to love this brand more than any other similar priced brands, and I now have a HUGE collection of makeup and nail polish from MUA. If I was to lay out my whole collection  to photograph to share with you all it would probably cover our lounge floor! I kid you not. So instead I thought that I would share with you the very first products I bought from MUA.


Okay, these are my first ever purchases from MUA online store, it cost just £14.95 and it was 17 November 2012! Thank heavens for account history. From the top then Mosaic Blusher in shade English Rose. here  Matte Foundation    Pressed Powder here  Powder Blusher in shade 4 Lipsticks in shades 7 and 12 here Hide & Conceal Cover Up Stick which is now in a different packaging here Magnetic Nails in the shade Park Lane here Eye Primer here 3 in 1 Contour Pen here Lastly my very first eye shadow palette that I bought from MUA is the beautiful Undressed palette here This palette was very popular as a “dupe” for the Urban Decay “Naked” palette costing almost triple that of the MUA palette.

The first ever product to completely sell out was the very tasty Heaven and Earth palette, here it was massive!

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Heaven and Earth Palette

MUA now have the LUXE  and PRO-BASE collections added to their range, and their nail polish shade range just gets bigger! They’ve introduced makeup brushes which are absolutely gorgeous to use, I have a few of them but never reviewed them, I must get around to doing a post on them. I asked one of the girls at MUA which product was favourite amongst the staff at HQ, she told me it’s the Luxe Lip Lacquers here, I’ve not tried them YET, but a couple will be in my next purchase. Can I just say that this is just my personal homage to this fantastic makeup brand on their 5th birthday, I’m not one of their selected bloggers, I don’t have free products sent to me from MUA, everything I own Mark or myself has paid for, and then I’ve written about them on Elegant Ageless Beauty.

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY MUA! Here’s to the next 5 years, I hope I’m still around to write about your 10th year too.

*Please note that some products are no longer available*










Hello again lovelies.

So this sort of happened while looking at the Superdrug online sale after Christmas. It’s a very beautiful gift set from Makeup Revolution.


The box is absolutely huge, very sturdy cardboard box with a flip-up lid. It’s a dark brown with the pretty rose gold branding and it has a good weight to it too. But just look at the gorgeousness within!

IMG_8783 (2)

I must say firstly though that in the photo the inside of the box is a different colour to the original, which is actually gold. The box was very difficult to photograph so Mark popped in a white card instead. Anyway, Makeup Revolution brought out some awesome gift sets exclusively to Superdrug for Christmas, and this one I picked (well Mark bought it for me) in their January sale. When it arrived and I opened the box for the first time I did sort of say “Oh wow!” There are 12 products in the set and they are: Redemption Palette “Showing Out”, Face Contour Kit, 3 x Nail Polish, 2 x Sheer Lip Gloss Tubes, Compact Mirror, Amazing Lip Gloss, Eye Liner, Glitter Eye Liner and Kohl Eyeliner. It really is a super set of make up and all for a bargain price of just £9.99 reduced from £25.00! Check out this and other Makeup Revolution gift sets in the Superdrug sale HERE. I can’t wait to start using it, and of course there will be reviews to follow.

Thank you for reading lovelies.





Hello again! I’ve just been looking at some brilliant deals in the Superdrug sale, and found this one that might excite you Makeup Revolution fans. It includes all this gorgeousness worth £25 plus for an amazing £9.99

Click HERE to go to Superdrug

Ultra Professional Makeup with Exclusive Shade Selection contains: Exclusive Redemption Eyeshadow palette Showing Out, Face Contour Kit, 3 x Amazing Nail Polish, 2 x Amazing Sheer Lip Gloss Tubes, Makeup Mirror, Amazing Lip Gloss, Amazing Eyeliner, Glitter Eyeliner, Kohl Eyeliner



Image from Superdrug website

I’d get in quick before it sells out! I’ll keep you posted with anymore awesome sales I find.







Hi again lovely people!

Yes, here we go with another Christmas Gift Guide, there is always a lot of fantastic beauty bloggers giving us some super ideas for pressies for our loved ones, so I thought I would choose just two of my favourite brands of the moment and show you what they have for our Christmas stockings this year. Let’s start with Ariane Poole* Cosmetics. As you probably know from my last post, Ariane Poole* has given her website a whole new look and added some new products to her collection too. She has also added a “Gifts” section for Christmas where she has put together super combinations of products into gift sets. If you purchase a gift set you will receive a gorgeous make up bag absolutely free, you will also receive a make up bag if you spend £50 plus. Ariane Poole* Cosmetics is also offering FREE shipping until 25th December too!


This is the gorgeous Luxury Lip Gloss & Mascara set, with the mascara in black and you have a choice of 12 shades of lip gloss, just add your choice of shade at checkout. Personally I would go for Pink Peony. This beautiful set is £32.50.


This is a perfect set for any eye colour. It’s called Eye Trio for Any Colour Eyes. It has the wonderful luxury mascara, a gel eye liner pencil and the fabulous Crystal Taupe eyeshadow. I’ve used Crystal Taupe in the past when it was in different packaging/delivery system and I loved it. It’s a shade that will suit anybody of any age. You can use it alone or use it as a base for other eye shadow colours. The gel pencil in this set you get to choose your shade from 8 shades. I’ve got green eyes so I would choose Ivy. This retails at £48.00 and don’t forget you get the free make up bag too. Just add your choice of gel eyeliner pencil at the checkout. To see these and more beautiful gift sets that Ariane has put together just for Christmas go HERE.

Here are just a few more suggestions that I think would make lovely Christmas presents for your favourite lady or of course to put on your own gift wishlist.


I love BB Creams any day of the week and I would be very happy to find this in my stocking on Christmas morning. It’s has a super SPF 30 too. It comes in 3 shades Light, Medium and Medium/Deep and is £24.00 HERE


We love natural eye shadows don’t we? This one is so gorgeous! A beautiful quad of perfect matte eye shadows to create those pretty daytime looks, and with the darker shades for a bolder sexy smokey eye for evenings out at all the parties this season. This quad is called Naturalist and it’s £27.00 HERE

Well that’s just a few suggestions of what Ariane Poole* Cosmetics have for us for Christmas I think they are really beautiful and I think any lady would love to receive them. I shall be back soon with some more gifts ideas, next time it will be skincare and body care.

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